Oliver Keenan and Daniel De Haan

Project leaders:

Dr Oliver Keenan (Blackfriars, Oxford)
Dr Daniel De Haan (Blackfriars and Campion Hall, Oxford)


Truth, Aquinas, and the Theological Turn in Continental Philosophy


This project draws philosophical accounts of truth developed within the continental tradition into dialogue with Thomistic metaphysics of knowing. A programme of intentionally dialogical events will explore the under-realised value of the Thomist tradition’s panoramic vision of truth to continental thinkers, alongside its vulnerability to phenomenological, hermeneutical, and genealogical interrogations. By attending to philosophical movements that have been neglected by Anglophone Thomists, we seek not only to indicate the value of Aquinas to this conversation, but to foster creative re-readings of his work, drawing attention to the latent resources of Thomistic thought to interrogate and strengthen the theological turn within continental philosophy.